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There are many reasons to sell your business fast. Apart from other business adventures, retirement, other common reasons include debt, ill health, family problems, cash-flow, or just the daily pressure of running a business. Working with industry experts we have developed fast strategies to help you exit your business or keep it running. From Business Sales to Business Rescue plans we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

  • We can make an offer to purchase your business & assets for cash with no fees
  • If we don’t buy your business then we can find you a buyer
  • Arrange personal & business debt write off
  • We have various business rescue options
  • Quickly improve company cashflow
  • Retain control of the company/business, trade out of financial difficulties

We fully understand that every situation is different and so it is vital that businesses receive expert advice as early as possible, our advice is totally impartial and provided free of charge, we can help under any circumstances.



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We have a strong team of highly experienced business experts; who have been carefully selected for their expertise and skills. Our compassion towards our clients is central to our ethos and we believe we can deliver on our clients needs.

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Business Solutions – How we can help

We will explain all possible solutions, providing clear and constructive recommendations and ensuring that all options are explored before agreeing a course of action. Outlined below are a range of the solutions offered.

If you have decided you want to sell your business fast but you don’t have any assets that we can purchase, then we can help by linking you with business buyers via our own database.
Our sister company purchases businesses with property assets for cash. We can get an offer within 24 hours and get a legal offer to the solicitors in an hour once accepted.
If we buy your business and assets there will be no agent fees and no legal fees.
Appointing an Administrator is an intervention used when trying to keep a company trading. Administrators can be appointed by the courts, creditors and the directors themselves.

An Administrator has the power to trade, manage and sell the business as a going concern in order to maximize the return to creditors. An Administration Order provides the company with immediate protection and all action from creditors is halted so a rescue plan can be formulated.

Administration Benefits

  • Administration offers full legal protection from all creditors whilst a strategy is formulated in respect of the future of the company.
  • Gives directors or third parties an opportunity to buy back the business as a going concern.
  • Offers vital breathing space whilst a business recovery or restructuring package is implemented.
A Pre-Packaged Administration or ‘Pre-Pack’ is when a company is placed into Administration and its business and/or assets are immediately sold under a sale agreement, which is arranged before an Administrator is appointed.

The liabilities remain with the company and only the assets are sold resulting in an attractive ‘package’ for sale.

Pre-Pack Benefits

  • Pre-pack administration can result in a quick and relatively smooth transfer of a business.
  • Pre-packs can protect the goodwill of the company as they have a minimal impact on customer confidence that any insolvency proceedings inevitably cause.
  • Pre-packs can save more jobs than in a normal administration.
  • The process is relatively quick compared to normal administration, therefore the costs of the administration process may be reduced, resulting in a better return for creditors
A Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation or CVL is initiated by one or more of the company’s directors, who advise the shareholders that the company is insolvent because it cannot pay its debts as and when they fall due or has greater liabilities than assets.

A Liquidator is appointed and has the responsibility of collecting the company’s assets and distributing them to its creditors in accordance with the law.

CVL Benefits

  • Allows you to step away from the insolvent company with no further liability (unless debts have been personally guaranteed).
  • A very quick, cost effective way of formally closing down a company and complying with your duties as a director.
  • Can be funded using company assets such as cash at bank, sale of assets, book debts etc.
  • It shows creditors you have done the right thing by taking professional advice and can steer you away from the implications of wrongful trading.
  • Employees and potentially directors can make a claim from the National Insurance Fund and receive payments for outstanding wages, holiday pay, pay in lieu of notice and redundancy.
A Company Voluntary Arrangement or CVA is an alternative to liquidating a limited company, allowing it to trade out of its financial difficulties over a specified period of time.

A CVA allows a director to retain control of the company and continue to trade without the burden of historical debts that can be a significant drain on cashflow. It is usual in these circumstances for creditors to accept a percentage payment of their debt over a five year period.

CVA Benefits

  • Can quickly improve company cashflow.
  • Stops pressure from creditors including HM Revenue & Customs and covers all tax arrears.
  •  Can be implemented quickly even if a winding up petition has been issued.
  • Not advertised locally or in the Gazette.
  • Directors and shareholders retain supervised control of the company.
  • No requirement to report to the Insolvency Service on the conduct of directors.
  • Significantly lower costs than Administration or Compulsory Liquidation.
Our experts can provide restructuring and refinancing services which may not necessarily involve a formal insolvency procedure.

We will carry out a full assessment of a business, identifying both the strengths and potential weakness of the company and highlighting areas of change or improvement. Working closely with management to develop a realistic and achievable business turnaround plan.